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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

VD Global is a strong supporter of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development.
We have aligned our sustainable strategy to contribute to the 17 goals with a focus on climate action, education, decent work and economic growth

VD Global Female Workers Unit

No Poverty

VDG does not discriminate in pay and employs people based on merit outside the industry improving the economic position of an increasing number of people.

Zero Hunger

  • Lunch is offered for employees on a daily basis
  • Buttermilk and food grains are distributed to villages around Jalalpur, Gujarat since 2008.
Blood Donation Drive

Good Health and Well-Being

  • Facilitating vaccination by providing leave and transport, along with an in-house medical consultant providing free-of-charge medical consultation
  • Organizing blood donation drives every year, donating copious blood units to hospitals nationally in India.

Quality Education

  • We have a training program where all new employees are taught how to read and write basic English.
  • Educate new employees on healthcare and financial literacy to manage their earnings and savings.
  • Built S.D Vaghasia High School in rural area Jalalpur Gujarat to facilitate young adults to college and migrate to better areas with better opportunities
Female Unit Assorting Diamonds

Gender Equality

  • All males and females are provided equal opportunities
  • Proactive programs in increase women’s employment in an industry dominated by men.

Affordable and Clean Energy

VDG’s manufacturing facilities are powered by offsite solar farms and wind turbines.

Solar Panel Renewable Energy

Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Our factories cater to allow disabled people to travel within the factory without any hurdles.
  • Career forms do not include any requests of disability and HR is to audit managers equally pay all each level of worker equally.
  • We periodically review how we can improve working conditions and better offer to support, train and guide our workplace.
  • We are committed to continually employing in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our core factory in Surat is constructed with sustainable design to reduce emissions and increase efficiency

Surat Factory from the other side
Female Unit Rough Diamond Planning

Reduce Inequalities

  • VDG employs people without any discrimination. All our facilities are built to support disability to reduce inequality in our workplace.
  • Career forms do not include any requests of disability and HR is to audit managers equally pay all each level of worker equally.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • We ensure to update our employees of any threats in cities we are present
  • We support a clean and green city and regularly participate in events to help clean our cities.
Surat City with VD Global Factory

Responsible Consumption and Production

  • We only produce natural diamonds and have a stringent protocol to guara­­ntee all diamonds incoming and outgoing our offices are natural diamonds.
  • Moreover, we educate and inform employees to follow best sustainable practices by following efficient behavior to reduce, recycle and reuse both in and outside their workplace.

Climate Action

  • We source only from sustainable mines that have a decarbonization plan.
  • Our factory uses sustainable equipment such as LED lights and follows efficient behavior to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • We also partially power our facility by solar panels and wind turbines.
Life on Land

Life On Land

We are both actively funding and also involved in initiatives to restore our forestry and revive biodiversity by planting trees.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • We ensure our rough diamond sourcing policy only procures ethical, sustainable and conflict-free diamonds across the value chain by complying our procurement strategy to the Kimberly Process and UN Guiding Principles.
  • We make our KYC followed in the strictest standard to ensure no business activities finance terror or unethical means.
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
VD Global Team with De Beers Team

Partnerships for the Goals

  • Partnering with De Beers to promote sustainable development, transparency and ethical procurement.
  • Supporting initiatives by Diamonds Do Good initiatives
  • See here how sourcing diamonds from Botswana is beneficial to the community https://www.debeersgroup.com/sustainability-and-ethics/protecting-the-natural-world/a-visit-to-botswana